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Buy property in Georgia batumi tbilisi

💰Buying real estate in Georgia is very attractive for foreign visitors in recent years.

Many real-estate agencies offer to interested individuals to buy real estate located different area. But when you invest in real estate you obviously need an experienced lawyer and you should consider some advices.

🔹Lawyer helps you to make the best decision, avoid all kinds of risk and sign the contract, that protects your interests.

🔹lawyer will explain Georgian law and assist you in planning the legal process, also prepare all the necessary documents, contracts and represents you in the House of Justice to register right on property (ownership).

🔸Maybe you have question about what kind of risk possible to arise?

👉🏻The legal status of real estate depends on many factors. Various types of legal and financial obligations may be attached to the property,Maybe the owner has taken a loan from the bank and the house is a guarantee, It is also possible that the builder made a mistake due to which the building was not put into operation despite the exterior of the property is ideal.

So as you see there are many issues that need to be checked legally and if everything is in order further You can buy property.

🔹The main role of a lawyer is to help you make the best decision, to be your advisor and advocate for your interests during negotiations.

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