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How to get Police record in Georgia

🔸Certificate of condemnation is same legal document as we know - police record/ criminal clearance certificate.

🔘police record/criminal clearance paper shows that person last period has not done any criminal and nowadays she/he has not any conflict with law.

🔺But certificate of condemnation shows that person had not any legal problem whole life , he/she was not wanted by police , there was not any guilty decision of court and so on.

👆Both of them are used to apply for residence permit, visa , citizenship , get job and for many reasons. Mostly my foreigner clients ask me help to get this paper behalf them with apostille and translation. That way i offer them fast and easy service to get these documents from government.

🔸if you need police record from Georgia, contact me i will help you get it maximum 5 working days, with translation and apostille/legalization.

I offer convenient terms and trustfull service.

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