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How to solve residence permit problem in Georgia?

👉If you are going to start working/business or study in any Georgian university, of course you need student or working residence. But If you was rejected by justice house, you need my help👇

🔴 When you get negative answer from justice house (SDA), you have right to appeal this (rejected decision) decision in the Tbilisi City Court.

🧐Maybe you have question "for what we need court?", But i will explain. 👇

Its very easy to get study/working residence permit in Georgia, there are many students/workers (from Iran, lraq, Dubai, Syria, India, Indonesia, Qatar, South Africa and etc) who already got student/working residence permit and they live. work and study without any problem in different universities and programs.

In this category cases, sometimes there is problem about some personal information or criminal History. I mean when interested person is going to apply for residence permit in justice house and registers application, he or she must have clean history (clean criminal data) and not have legal problems with police, court or other governmental body.

🔴So when you apply in justice house, your information is directly sent in Special Security Service of Georgia , where everything is checked🧐 and after that, this organization prepares recommendation (negative or positive).

So if there is problem and recommendation is not positive about you, justice house answer will be also Negative and they will not give you residence permit.

👉to solve this problem you must go in court and fight for your rights. This means you must appeal decision of justice house in court during 30 days and show and prove to judge, that you are good person and you have not any legal problem. After this judge will discuss your case and make decision.

🔴 Of course starting case in court is not easy and you need lawyer, who will lead your case, who will defend your right and prove with arguments, that you came in Georgia for education or working.

👉 i can help you to to start case in court and solve this problem, i have won many case and i know how to defend your interests and rights to get result.

☎️Call me or write on whatsapp +995598456199 and we can discuss your case

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