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Special offer for students

If you are going to start study in Georgian university, of course you need student residence.

My law firm offers you full legal support. Now i will explain everything around getting the student residence permit.

1 step. Apply for residence

To apply for residence you need some legal base for this, i mean you must prove, that you really want study in some Georgian university and you have special official document from university. For example: contract or other official document, which shows that you have started learning or you are going to study from next semester.

Of course you want to know where you must apply to get residence permit. This place called justice house (ministry of justice of Georgia). This modern building is justice house. There you can fill special application and apply for residence.

So how you see the first step is to apply an fill application. But you must know that its not easy to fill corectly this application. I mean its better to use lawyers service in this procedure to fill corectly. Also you must know that you have to attach some documents on this application. Of course you have question what document you must attach, this already lawyers job, lawyers know which document is needed to attach.

2 step. Get answer

After apply your answer will ready maximum in one month. You will get decision/answer of justice house by mail or post, also you sms. When you get sms from justice house you must go and take answer from justice house.

3 step. Appeal in court.

Maybe you have question "for what we need court?", But i will explain. Its very easy to get student residence permit in Georgia, there are many students (from Iran, lraq, Dubai, Syria, India, Indonesia, Qatar, South africa and etc) who got student residence permit and they live and study without any problem in different universities and programms. But sometimes there is problem about some information or criminal data, i mean when interested person is going to apply, he or she must be clean (clean criminal data) and not have legal problems with police. So if there is problem like this and answer from Justice House is "rejected", to solve this problem you must go in court. This means you must appeal decision of justice house in court and show to judge, that you are good person and you have not any legal problem. After this judge will discuss you lr case and make decision.

So i offer special service for students. I will help you apply in justuce house and if there will be some problem about your criminal data information, also i help to appeal in court. But dont worry this is not very big problem, same situation may have anybody.

For consultation call me or writte on whatsapp. (Also on Viber or mail). +995 579 275 900. This is my number. You can save in contacts and call me any time.

Working hours 10:00-19:00.

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