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Types of residence permit

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

See which residence permit is offered in Georgia

Georgia issues the following residence permits: 🔴Work residence permit is issued to persons coming to Georgia for entrepreneurial or labour activities as well as to freelancers; 🔴Study residence permit is issued to persons coming to Georgia to study at authorized educational institutions; 🔴Residence permit for family reunification is issued to family members of a foreigner holding a residence permit and/or person who has been granted a status of stateless person in Georgia. Family members include: a spouse, child, and a parent, also an underage or incapacitated person being fully dependent and/or being under their care (guardianship); Residence permit of a former citizen of Georgia is issued to a foreign citizen whose Georgian citizenship has been terminated; 🔴Residence permit of a stateless person is issued to a person whose status of stateless person has been established in Georgia; 🔴Special residence permit is issued to a foreign citizen who, based on a reasonable doubt, might be a victim of human trafficking. Such instances are specified in the Law of Georgia on Combating Human trafficking. a special residence permit is also issued to a foreign citizen who has written endorsement from a member of the government of Georgia, asking to issue a temporary residence permit to the person. it can also be issued to a foreigner subject to expulsion, after 5 years since he/ she was granted the right of temporary stay, and to the citizen of foreign country who has a status of Compatriot residing abroad; 🔴Permanent residence permit is issued to a spouse, parent and child of citizen of Georgia; also to a foreign citizen who, holding a temporary residence permit, has resided in Georgia during the preceding six years. if the person lived in Georgia for educational purposes or medical treatment or spent some time working at the diplomatic mission or at an equivalent representative office, this period cannot be counted towards the pre-requisite six-year term; #residencepermit #residencecard #trc #georgia #georgianresidence #workingeorgia #workingpermit #business #makebusiness #startbusiness #startup #investingeorgia #investmen #studyresidence #immigrationlawyerintbilisi #lawofficeintbilisi

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