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Consultation and other legal service

Get consultation about:

Georgian Tax code

  • Governmental Taxes

  • Types of Taxes

  • What is mission of Revenue Service

  • Tax system of Georgia

  • Movement of passengers, goods and vehicles across the customs border of Georgia.

  • Licences and other...

Immigration Law and administrative law

  • How to get residence permit

  • How to Register Business/ oper company/organization (NGO)

  • How to register ownership right on property (buy/sell real estate)

  • How to get extension 

  • How to get documents and official information from Justice House

  • How to register divorce or marriage (get birth certificate and etc).

Civil/commercial law

  • Family disputes, alimony, divorce, property, child cases and etc.

  • Property disputes

  • Contract law

  • Business disputes

  • Labour  cases

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